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solarforhomesThe sun has been a source of energy and life for humanity. Over time, technological advancements have made it possible to harness energy from the sun for electricity generation. Solar energy is a clean alternative that enables you to power your homes in locations with abundant sunshine. Solar home systems are fast becoming the solution of choice over intermittent grid electricity and diesel generators

The cost of solar is declining rapidly and even becoming competitive with grid electricity in most countries. With rising electricity tariffs and fuel generators failing to provide value for money, many homes are switching to solar power and getting rid power problems.

Our solar solutions are designed to ensure that you enjoy stable electricity supply effortlessly. They are noiseless, unobtrusive, modular, without harmful emissions and can function without you having to start or stop the system. Make a long-term win-win choice with our residential systems.


Get in touch with our solar experts
Contact us for professional advice as to whether solar option makes sense for your home and location.

2Schedule a walk through assessment
Our solar experts can visit your home to do an energy audit. This will allow us consult with you and understand your electricity needs, based on which we can design and cost a suitable system.

 3Get solar powered!
Once you approve of the designed system, we will schedule an installation to get your home running on clean energy in no time.

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