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Solar for Business

Our Businesses Solutions is targetted at:

  • Office complexes
  • Institutions
  • Organisations
  • Small-Medium Enterprise
  • Schools

Running a business in Nigeria is made more difficult due to lack of power supply. To reduce unproductive downtime, most entities rely on self-generated electricity supplied by diesel generators. This amounts to huge energy expenses mostly on diesel supply, operations and maintenance costs.
Creeds Energy’s solar business solutions can take your mind off power supply problems so you can focus on your business. Our Abuja office is powered  

Case studies on Solar Business Solutions

  • Genesis Christian Academy becomes the 1st Off-grid school powered by solar
  • PIND ATED Centre to be powered by clean energy


Get in touch with our solar experts
Contact us for professional advice as to whether solar option makes sense for your home and location.

2Schedule a walk through assessment
Our solar experts can work with you, your developers or facility managers to design customized solutions that will work best for your requirements.

 3Get solar powered!
Once you approve of the designed system, we will schedule an installation to get your home running on clean energy in no time.

Home Solar for Business