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50% less consumption compared to CFL light, can illuminate a 12' by 12' room for all normal activities, 20yrs of LED life, can operate with normal electricity source or solar panels. Request Quote



Offers 16 hours of safe and decent reading light on less than a day of sunlight, ruggedized, water resistant, can withstand extreme environments.

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Solectric Plug and Play products are a hit in today's market. Instead of suffering with dim, smoky light from kerosene, our customers have bright efficient light using state-of-the-art solar and LED technology.

In addition to bright lights, Solectric plug and play customers can enjoy solar power for mobile phone charging – just plug your mobile phone into the system and it charges. Bright lights and mobile phone charging – with no hassle, no fuss, and so easy you can install it yourself. Just plug…and play! Request Quote



Contains legacy combustion chamber, Significantly reduces toxic emissions (smoke) by up to 90%, Use 50% less fuel than traditional open fire cooking, Reduces cooking time by nearly 60%, Clean and Easy to Use

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