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Why should I switch to solar?

solrThe cost of electricity from PHCN is on the rise according to the multi year tariff order set by NERC. Power cuts from PHCN are unlikely to disappear anytime soon partly because of population growth and dwindling power supply of less than 4000MW for more than 160million Nigerians. Relying on generators is also not cost effective because the costs are recurrent. It makes sense both economically and environmentally to switch to solar.

See the considerations

Considerations Diesel Generators Solar Home Systems

Initial system cost relatively cheap, short lifespan compared to solar Initial system cost relatively higher than generator* overall has a longer lifespan
Recurrent fuel costs No fuel costs
Social & Environmental Costs
Noise Pollution Noiseless
Air Pollution; green house gas emissions No emissions
Numerous health and safety implications Safer and healthie
Inefficient; short lifespan and needs to be replaced and maintained often Highly efficient; constantly available and reliable with long lifespan of components, minimal maintenance
Quick Win, Long term Loss
Less value for money continuously spent
Long term Win, Win
Spend now and enjoy savings and value for money longer

*Cost of solar systems are fast declining with payback periods of less than two years in most instances


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