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Northern Nigeria is most prone to both deforestation and desertification, primarily due to heavy reliance on fuel wood by households and small industries.

Logging and tree felling continue uncontrolled with effects of climate change increasingly being felt; high temperatures, shifting sand dunes encroaching into entire villages, soil degradation and desertification at alarming rates of up to 6km annually.

The improved rocket bread baking ovens help to achieve relatively efficient firewood combustion and maximize heat transfer to the baking products.

The bread is enclosed in a metal box / baking chamber which prevents it from getting contaminated with smoke, ash and hot gases. The bottom, sides and top of the baking chamber are exposed to the fire, which result into increased heat transfer. The fired clay tiles and other insulative materials are used for heat retention. The baking pans rests on the mesh so that heat is not directly transferred to the baking products through conduction thus minimizing the risk of burning.

Improved rocket oven is efficient due to improved heat transfer compared to traditional ovens. The improved oven technology has a high potential of reducing firewood consumption, guaranteeing a more efficient combustion and heat transfer mechanism that evenly distributes heat around properly sealed baking chamber. This shortens baking time, reduces operating costs and negative health implications from indoor air pollution.

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