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Solar from batteries? How about filling your car tank with light?!

When using wind or solar energy in off-grid situations some kind of energy storage is often needed.

A team of scientists have been working on a recycling technique in which they use lead, taken from used batteries and extracted at lower tempritures to make a new class of solar-electric panels.

One downside is that the material contains a small amount of lead. Extracting lead from ore is a high-temperature, polluting process that creates lead vapor and dust that's difficult to contain, the MIT researchers note. And if companies begin to produce perovskite solar cells at large volumes, the materials they would be mining and processing could become a serious health or environmental hazard, they say.

In other news there are also improving solar-themal (heat) energy storage to make it possible to store heat energy into electrical energy to power cars. The aim is to reduce the energy burnt in power plants that rely on coal or gas burning carbon fuels.

Both of these developments would be an amazing development for Nigeria in acheiving energy production levels that would also improve the overall health, reducing exposure to toxic chemicals being released from informal recycling in open areas (burning batteries) and also reducing the dumping of bad batteries on developing nations.

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