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How are you adjusting your business to survive?

Energy issues are as fascinating to see going the same way technology management is being taken care of in West Africa.

Keeping customers happy should not be only in focusing on the astethicsof the outcome but the quality of the work.

Moving customers to new technologies is not an easy challenge we undertake at CREEDS Energy Limited, but an ongoing project to educate and inspire innovation in the long term to how businesses try to acheive their own goals by getting them to see problems as opportunity. Modernising can be uncomfortable if one is not prepared the right way to accept the inevitable need of changing habits.

The news for these tech-laggard businesses only gets worse. Of course the same next generation of workers are also the next generation of consumers. They travel, have cool and expensive outdoor hobbies, are getting engaged and married, buying houses, having children – all requiring goods and services from small businesses. Many of these consumers will also become young entrepreneurial business owners – running truly "modern" small businesses - seeking B2B services. CCH Australia Ltd recently conducted a survey of 1000 small and medium business owners from which the results illustrate this is already top of mind for young business owners. Half of the respondents indicated they would consider replacing their accountant – traditionally one of the most trusted advisors to a small business – if he/she didn't move to a modern technology platform. More importantly, in the context of my thinking, when drilling in to the 18-34 year old age bracket the proportion was close to three quarters!

Three out of four young business owners are willing to abandon what's traditionally been the most trusted business advisor simply because of old technology! For me that's evidence of a fundamental shift in the importance of technology as a measure of a company's culture, what it stands for and where it's going.

Innovation in Africa is making small gains through small sector business growth in Nigeria, being ranked as the largest African economy doesn't automatically indicate most efficient. So we'll keep working hard to push for a sustainable economy from the bottom up!

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