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Port Harcourt's Chicoco radio now on solar power

The work being done in Nigeria to develop the adpotion of sustainable energy solutions continues through the heartful persistence of CREEDS Energy Ltd. Educating our clients on the benefits of making changes to energy consumption habbits and then adoping the renewable energy options has been instrumental in helping projects succeed.

Smiles of fulfilment filled my cheeks because what seemed to be a tall dream for SDN and took several months on strategizing and re-strategizing is now a reality. As I entered to the studio, the energy bulbs were providing good illumination and the air-conditioner was chilling the whole place. As the U.K-based Radio Studio Engineer, Colin Neal completed the setting of the Radio station equipment, as well as the test-run of the studio which now runs on solar; he nodded in approval of the solar power which he described as "very stable unlike the NEPA's power." He explained to me that as long as the solar panel charges the battery, there would be non-stop energy to the station. He played some tunes and showed me the software he installed and the systems to be used in the station and all was working fine.


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