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In the UN year of sustainable energy for all, a professional renewable energy company was established, with the simple idea of providing access, improving awareness and promoting adoption of clean energy alternatives.

Our vision is to realize the development of a sustainable green economy in Nigeria that is low-carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive.!

Creeds Energy is currently focusing on solar technologies – both photovoltaic and thermal solutions, ranging from lighting to complete systems for residential and commercial applications. For more details, view our solar solutions page.

The Company

CREEDS ENERGY is a professional renewable energy company dedicated to making clean energy technologies mainstream applications in households, businesses and communities.

The company’s adeptness is rooted in it’s ability to harness expert resources in delivering contextually relevant products and professional services. The company is poised to develop into an extensive energy solutions provider driven by practical knowledge and subject matter expertise.

The Social Enterprise

Central to our belief that development and change start from the bottom up, we are responsibly engaging communities and enabling them to define and champion their own sustainable development models.

At CREEDS ENERGY, we are creating a new culture of a doing society by engaging youths, volunteers, and the communities through projects that will continue to benefit all.

Creating Sustainable Communities  
Creeds Energy is dedicated to mainstreaming solar energy alternatives by improving access, awareness and promoting adoption of renewables.

Enriching Lives
Creeds Energy offers a range of products and professional services with the potential to reduce energy poverty, reduce demand from grid supply and reduce energy bills.

Sustaining a Green Economy
At Creeds Energy, we are setting the pace to realize the development of an green economy with low carbon emissions, socially inclusive and resource efficient.

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